Revolution Enduro Series 2023 - Glorieta, NM

Register for Revolution Enduro Series 2023 - Glorieta, NM

Enduro in its most basic definition is a type of mountain bike racing where the downhills are timed, and the uphills are not. Riders are timed in stages that are primarily downhill, with neutral "transfer" stages in between.

Hello Racers!  As we open registration we want to outline a few changes this year, that will make your registration process easier and more convenient for you when signing up to race, transferring entries to your friends, or deferring to another event or to the 2024 season. Please read and understand these updates before registering to ensure a successful check out! 

No refunds on registrations.  Once you have registered and checked out, there are no refunds available.  Please be certain you are ready to proceed before checking out.   However, you will be able to defer or transfer your paid entry 30 days prior to the event you are registering for.  

What does deferral mean?  Deferral means you can register for another event in the future that is not sold out, or you can defer to the 2024 season.  Rate adjustments will apply when deferring to events with differing costs.   

What is a transfer?  A transfer is an option to invite another rider to take your spot in the event that you cannot make it.  There are no refunds given by Revolution Enduro or EnMotive for transfers, this is between you and the rider you transfer your entry to.  Simply send them an invite  to register in your place.  

You will be able to defer and transfer your entries directly from your  EnMotive account conveniently in one place.  

Series Points!  

4 out of 6 events will counted towards the season overall standings.  

A lot of you are probably wondering, "what if I can't make it to the whole season?"  Not to worry, season overall points will be calculated using your best 4 results.   We have a balanced season of 3 Bike Park events, and 3 Backcountry events, so you can customize your race choices to suit your abilities and favorite venues!  

The Glorieta stop of the Revolution Enduro Series is the first stop of 2023! This is a single day race, with a full day of practice the day before. The race will consist of 4-5 stages, and all transfers will be pedal assist. There are no shuttles. All stages will take place on USFS Trails, and within the private trail network of Glorieta Camps.  There is a mix of flowy singletrack, and gnarly chunk!  The camps trails were built by riders, for riders!  So things will be exciting!  

Expect a long day on the bike, with 4-5 stages of pedal transfers and race stages.  There will be 2 aid stations, and all stages finish close to the Base Area.  

E-Bike categories should expect a few uphill challenges along the way!  You bring the motor, and we're going to make you use it!  

There are camping and lodging options on site!  Information on how to book can be found on our website, or by going directly to the camps website: 

There will be lunch and awards ceremony following!

Thanks for coming, and we'll see you inbetween the tape!